JZC250 concrete mixer

JZC250 concrete mixer

  • Discharging capacity:250L
  • Charging capacity:320L
  • Productivity:6-8m3/h
  • Mixing Motor Power:4.5kw

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JZC250 concrete mixer according to the standard > GB/T9142-2000< concrete, use domestic and foreign advanced mixing technology and imported components design and manufacturing, and it has high mixing efficiency, good product quality, beautiful appearance, convenient movement and a series of advantages.

Advantages compared with other small concrete mixer in the market
1.strict design requirements and exquisite workmanship.
2. stir well and good mixing quality.
3. reliable brand and good after-sales service.
4.reasonable structure and convenient maintenance.
5. multifunctional and suitable for stirring a variety of materials.
Product Details
1.The limit position on the hopper is controlled by the limiting device. When the hopper is in place, the clutch is automatically disengaged. The hopper falls on its own weight and the hand of the hopper is released when landing.
2.The mixing drum consists of four roller support, mixing drum rotation by the motor via the transmission system to drive installed on the drum gear. The concrete mixer is stable and reliable work, and reversing drum is realized by motor reversing.
3.The structure of the mixing drum is double cone, and the inner part of the cylinder is welded with high and low blades, which are respectively provided with a certain angle between the cylinder axis and the cylinder axis.
4.A discharge blade is welded inside the discharge cone, and when the concrete is stirred, the direction of the mixing drum is changed. 
5.The starting pump can inject water into the mixing cylinder, and the time relay of the electric control system controls the running time of the pump to master the water quantity needed for mixing the concrete in each tank.
6.The JZC250 concrete mixer is provided with an electric control box on the whole machine, and the operation button and time relay are all arranged on the box door and provided with a protective cover.

Item JZC250
Discharge capacity 250L
Charge capacity 320L
Productivity 6-8m3/h
Max Aggregate size 60mm
Mixing Motor Power 4.5kw
Lifting Motor Power 4kw
Pump Power 0.55kw
Drum rotating speed 17r/min
Weight 1500kg
Dimensions(L*W*H)mm 2260*1900*2750

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