JZM750 concrete mixer

JZM750 concrete mixer

  • Feed Capacity(L): 1200
  • Discharge Capacity(L): 750
  • Stirring Motor Power(kw): 7.5*2
  • Pump Power(kw): 1.1

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1.JZM750 concrete mixer is also called the 750 friction type mixer, relying on rubber roller friction transmission, and the blender is to stir, reversing drum concrete mixer type material. The concrete mixer can stir plastic and semi dry concrete. It is a kind of forced mixer and mixer device type between civil. 
2.JZM750 concrete mixer it is a new type of mixer with low noise, the use of rubber friction rolling design and easy to slip. In addition, the machine can be widely used in all kinds of roads, bridges, water conservancy engineering use, very suitable for the needs in the vicinity of residential construction projects.

The driving mode of JZM750 concrete mixer is tug driven friction transmission, which is different from that of conventional JZC mixer:
First, the JZM type concrete mixer drive is not the same way, its cylinder by 4 rubber tug friction driven, less noise;
Second, feeding is in different ways, and JZC series bucket toclimb drum concrete mixer, friction type concrete mixer feeding way to enhance feeding, JZM friction type concrete mixer hopper with separate motor, feeding and speed can guarantee;
Third, in the collocation of different use, friction concrete mixer for lifting type, so it can be used with concrete batching machine, but this JZC bucket drum type concrete mixer can not do.

Advantages compared with other small concrete mixer:
1. It is not easy to slip for using four rubber wheel friction transmission;
2. Smooth operation, small noise and not disturbing; 
3. Easy to operate and move; 
4., Reasonable structure and novel design; 
5. Light weight and beautiful appearance; 
6. Good mixing quality; 
7. High production efficiency.

Type JZM750
Feed Capacity(L)  1200
Discharge Capacity(L)  750
Maximum Productivity(m3/h) 22.5
No-load Speed of Mixing Tube(r/min) 16
Maximum Aggregate Size(mm) 80
The Average Rate of Hopper Movement(m/s) 0.3
Stirring Motor Power(kw) 7.5*2
Lifting Motor Power(kw) 7.5
Pump Power(kw) 1.1
Tire Size  
Overall Dimensions(length*width*height mm) 6150*2200*5870
Maximum Towing Speed(km/h)  
Machine Weight(kg) 4800

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