WBZ400 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

WBZ400 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

  • Dimension(L*W*H): 19.8m*8.2m*8.5m
  • Certification: CE ISO
  • Output: 300-800 T/H
  • Power(W): 102.7-170.5 kw

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WBZ400 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant introduction:
    WBZ400 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant is our company designed a volume measurement frequency stabilized soil batching plant,or called stabillized soil mixing station, it can produce more than 400 tons per hour, mainly used for the construction of the base material mixing stable building high-grade highways, city roads, airports, ports and other projects. WBZ400 stabilized soil mixing plant is a kind of stabilized soil which is mixed with various kinds of mixture. It mainly includes: cement tank, metering and conveying equipment, mixing equipment.
    The structure layer of cement stabilized soil should be constructed at the end of spring and high temperature. During the construction period, the minimum daily temperature should be above 5 degrees Celsius, in the frozen area, and should be in the (-3~-5 degrees Celsius) before the arrival of half a month to a month to complete.



Advantages of Jianxin WBZ400 stabilized soil batching plant (mixing station)
1, excellent mixing performance
The mixer liner compulsory dual axial structure of international popular, mixing ability, mixing uniformity. Super mixer is suitable for various types of stabilized soil and sand stabilization. Flexible outlet can easily resolve the productivity and contradiction between finished material uniformity, the use of the equipment is greatly improved.
2, good maintenance performance
The whole machine is a combined structure, which is convenient for installation, disassembly and transportation. Each maintenance, repair parts are equipped with a platform, visual and adequate operating space, convenient inspection and maintenance operations.
3, high reliability
The unique shaft end bearing and sealing mixer greatly improves the reliability of the equipment, and the main components of the control system and the cement system are selected by the international and domestic famous brands, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment. The control system has manual and automatic selection, convenient operation and good reliability. The operation of each part of the operation on the console centralized control, the whole set of equipment with only one operator. Speed by frequency conversion mode of international advanced, reducing energy consumption, stepless speed regulation.
4, the perfect industrial design
The idea of industrial design runs through the whole process of product design. In the design, the man-machine engineering and aesthetics are combined organically.
5, accurate measurement performance
The control system is composed of sensors and computers, which has strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable operation. Aggregate batching using speed ratio of belt conveyor, volume measurement, the ratio changes rapidly. The powder ingredients are used to adjust the proportion of feeding, volume measurement, stable and reliable measurement. The aggregate, the finished product transportation uses the advanced seamless vulcanization joint annular belt, the movement is stable, reliable, not easy to run away. The aggregate storehouse uses the building block combination, nimble, suits the different gradation the demand.
6, multi operating conditions, wide geographical configuration
A coal powder dosing machine and slaked lime dosing machine available with forced arch breaking device, in order to meet the needs of two gray gradation. Also there are 1 ~ 20t bagged cement silo, in order to meet the demand and supply of bagged cement under different conditions.

Item Model
Parameter WBZ400
Production rate 400t/h
Metering method Volume metering
  Computer metering
Mode of speed regulation Frequency speed control
  Electromagnetic speed control
Control method Automatic
Aggregate ±3%(volume) ,±2%(weight)
  Powder material ±2%(volume) ,±1%(weight)
  Water -1~2%
Overall power 120.2 kw
Overall weight 41t
Main configuration Mixer, batcher, belt conveyor, cement silos, concrete storage bins, control cabin, etc.

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