• Our Auto Feeding concrete truck mixers exports to Uzbekistan

    • Drum capacity 3-10m³
    • Width of discharge outlet (Minimum) 1m
    • Height of feed inlet 3.1-3.6m
    • Rotating speed of drum 0-14r/min
    • Total weight 4000kg-10500kg

        Recently, our company's Irish Huang got a Auto Feeding concrete truck mixer order from Uzbekistan, why do customers like our company's Auto Feeding concrete truck mixer? This is due to the unique advantages of our company's Auto Feeding concrete truck mixer products.

        Auto Feeding concrete truck mixer is a special truck for transporting concrete for construction. because of its shape, is also often referred to as a cement mixer. This kind of truck is equipped with a cylindrical mixer for mixing the concrete. In the process of transportation will always keep the mixing drum rotation, to ensure that the concrete will not be solidified.
        The stirring device is mainly composed of a mixing cylinder and a supporting component. The mixing drum is a loading container of concrete, and the concrete moves along the spiral direction of the blade during rotation. In the course of feeding and transportation, the mixing drum is rotating, the concrete moves along the blade, and when the material is discharged, the mixing drum is reversed, and the concrete is discharged outwards along the blade.

        The blade is the main component of the mixing device, and the damage or serious wear will lead to uneven mixing of concrete. In addition, the angle of the blade if the design is not reasonable, but also make concrete segregation.
        The main function of cleaning system is to clean the mixing barrel, sometimes also used for the transportation of dry mixing drum. The cleaning system also cools the hydraulic system.
    Full closed device with rotary sealing technology, sealing the feed mixer, solve the traditional water evaporation, mixing mortar layer, concrete material, while a series of problems such as traffic safety.
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