How to avoid these “pits” when buy concrete batching plant equipment?

2017-11-16 10:58

        In general, the more experienced or familiar with industry equipment customers know the approximate price and general configuration of the equipment. If it is the first time to buy concrete plant equipment, it doesn’t matter who never know about the mixing station equipment price and configuration. Because you need to listen to the “seller” is how to explain, and acquiring a lot of proof. Furtehermore, seeing whose manufacturers configuration is more detailed, and from different configuration scheme to find the same principle structure. After all, the more communication, the more specific informatin you have acquired. Do not be afraid of “manufacturers” too troublesome. Imagining a company’s sales staff is in order to marketing products and they do not have the patience to give you a detailed explanation. Thus, late use of training and after-sale is not more impatient to do service to you.

       As you have a general understanding of the equipment, but also make the basic market and your needs docking. That is to say, you know which equipment is necessary and which can not be, in order to spend more money is not worth it.

       In addition, it is best to go to the factory to see the concrete equipment and concrete batching plant for sale, seeing the strength of manufacturers. If the circumstances permit, you can look at the equipment first, and then talk about the price. From the location of the factory, scale and other aspects can be seen in many cases. For instance, some manufacturers brand is very loud, and their product brand value is very high, so you pay a large part of the purchase is to buy a brand. In effect, our money most want to use the product performance, quality and after-sale. For the brand-name products, unless it is a large state-owned enterprises, the request of tender, practical machinery and equipment is different from the costume jewelry can decorate their face, buy a flashy equipment is not practical. Some “brand” product price is not expensive, and the configuration is not the same, such as JS light mixer, and the  brand name is not as good as the purchase of a heavier mixer to the practical, from the practical stability and durability of the degree of wear, the heavier equipment is the victory.

       Secondly, from the location of the manufacturers, the extent of advertising on the road can also see the price of the equipment includes the number of  “venue rent” and “advertising fees.” Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ’s headquarters in Xingyang, and the branch is in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou Jianxin company’s equipment funds are used in the product quality and performance. Build a new company for decades, such as a day to adhere to the old customers, adhere to do the heavier products, regardless of the ease of use of equipment, as well as durability is renowned in the work.