The concrete batching plant business standardization needs to be strengthened

2017-11-24 13:39

          At present, China’s general concrete batching plant in the production process, especially the small concrete batching plant, for the information management of the obvious existence of a low level of management, and some relevant information cannot be shared in a timely manner in the enterprise, which directly affect the smooth communication of the different departments. In general, the transmission of information within the enterprise is the use of telephone, walkie-talkie and so on. To a large extent, it is difficult to standardize the production and operation of the enterprise management.
          The concrete enterprise is the production type enterprise, it mainly has the quality department, the production department, the transportation department and the management department and so on. Along with the society unceasing development, the enterprise to each department’s management way has not kept up with the time development. Moreover, the enterprise internal contradictions also gradually increased. The serious situation will cause the enterprise to dispatch the imbalance or the transportation mistake, etc. So it brings the certain disadvantageous influence to the enterprise’s production and operation.
         The purpose of enterprise standardization is to keep the best order in production and operation, and to solve the problems in enterprises. Standardization construction plays a very significant role in the construction of premixed concrete green mixing station, which can be applied to all aspects, such as production and management. Furthermore, it is very effective for enterprises. However, currently, the standardization of construction work in China’s concrete production enterprises still need to be strengthened. Enterprise standardization has always relied on the power of government departments, which often ignores the enterprise’s own subjective initiative, so that the construction of concrete enterprise standardization has been in a passive state.
         In order to meet the needs of the development of modern society, in the production process of concrete plant, green production should be realized to reduce the pollution phenomenon in the process of production, which requires that the ready-mixed concrete enterprises adopt scientific and effective management measures to supervise all aspects of the production process. And under the joint efforts of all staff, to create a green production environment to achieve the sustainable development of ready-mixed concrete enterprises.