Several elements affect the finished concrete

2017-11-27 14:29

        At present, for concrete batching plant price, the concrete is mainly used in our country’s various engineering construction. Therefore, it’s too high for the concrete quality request. Sometimes, some production process various factors, which will have the very big influence for the production concrete quality high and low. For example:
1. Quantity of cement slurry
The quantity is large, and the fluidity is big. Too much, fluid; too little, collapsed.
2. Consistency of cement slurry
The consistency of the cement slurry depends on the water cement ratio. The water cement ratio is small, the cement slurry is thick, and the fluidity is small, which makes the cohesion is good. If it is too small, it can not guarantee the construction of dense. If it is too large, it will reduce the strength and durability.
3. Sand Rate
The water slurry is stationary. On one hand, sand rate is too large, which leads to dry thick and small fluidity. On the other hand, sand rate is too small causing water slurry loss and segregation.
4. Cement variety and aggregate properties
Fine cement with good fluidity. Gravel concrete has better fluidity than gravel concrete.
5. Temperature, time and additive
The concrete plant has high temperature, long time and small fluidity. Admixture with large fluidity.
It seems that the concrete factor is mainly in the production of concrete raw materials. Thus, in order to ensure good quality of concrete, we must start from these aspects.