How to safely use forklifts for concrete plant?

2017-12-09 16:02

In the concrete plant, the initial conveying of aggregate is usually carried out by the forklift. So how do you safely use a forklift?
First of all, it’s necessary to check the forklift before the start of the braking system, the handle must be placed in the space. Moreover, check the oil and water is missing or not, to ensure that the brakes are sensitive, reliable, and normal. The operation can be carried out after 5-10 minutes preheating.
Secondly, you should first whistle to signal before starting, which will scoop up the bucket to raise from the ground about 0.5M. During the work, you should use low-grade. You may not carry on lifts and flips the bucket movement with the high-grade driving, do not allow shovels to be carried. When driving at high speed, the first two-wheel drive should be used, while the low-speed shovel should be driven by four wheels. It should avoid suddenly turn the bucket in the driving, after the load rises the traveling, which may not make sharp or the emergency braking.
Finally, the load should be determined according to the density of the material as loading. Shovel bucket should be the front shovel material, which should not shovel bucket unilateral force; unloading, lifting the arm to flip the bucket, which should slow motion slowly.
In the loose and uneven field operations, the shovel arm should be placed in a floating position, so that the bucket is steadily advancing. When the resistance is too large, the shovel arm can be slightly raised. When the shovel arm moves up or down to maximum, the joystick is returned to the position of the air. In addition, the bucket shall not be elevated to the highest position to transport materials, carrying materials to keep the shovel arm under the hinge point from the ground 500mm, and maintain a smooth running.