Structure and principle of concrete batching machine

2018-01-19 14:25

Structure Composition:
As one of unique concrete mixer machine, the series of concrete batching machine is composed of feeding system, weighing system and electric control system.
(1)Feeding system: By the storage hopper and feeder components, the main function is to store materials and control system under the control of the hopper feeding.
The form of feeding system: pld800-1200 model, which is the belt conveyor feeding.
(2) Weighing system: Weighing system is the key part of batching machine, which consists of weighing hopper, suspension device and weighing system sensor, batching control instrument, etc.
(3) Electrical control system: The electrical control system is the ingredient machine core component, and its function includes realizing the weighing of the whole batching machine, the display, the operation and completes each kind of automatic batching procedure. The system is mainly composed of batching control instrument and strong electric circuit.
Working principle of the whole machine:
Before the work by the loader (batching machine can be manually installed when the material) to each storage hopper supply sand, and stone materials. 
According to the specification of the batching control instrument, the formula is input to the batching controller (the material must be set to 0). Press the ingredient button, the batching machine starts to enter the automatic batching procedure. The process of its work is: firstly, material Ⅰ belt machine began to work, the material Ⅰ transported to the hopper, when the weight of the hopper Ⅰ reaches its set value, the material Ⅰ belt machine automatically stops; then the material Ⅱ belt machine automatically opens, when the material weight of the hopper reaches the material Ⅰ and the set value of the material Ⅱ, the material Ⅱ belt machine stops, and material Ⅲ belt machine start work ..., the machine is in the waiting state after the four kinds of materials have been matched. 
Meanwhile, press the release button, discharge belt machine work, which will be equipped with good concrete dry material into the mixer hopper. After the material is finished, the discharging belt machine is automatically stopped, and the second circulating ingredient is automatically started. Furthermore, the second circulating ingredient ends and waits for the material to be produced.