Failure detection for pneumatic system of concrete plant

2016-12-01 14:40

Pneumatic system is important for normal operation of concrete plant that most operating equipment of cocnrete batching plant is driven by air pressure, so that if there is faults appears in pneumatic system, the overall operation of concrete plant will be affected. 
The pneumatic system mainly includes air compressor, compressed air processing unit, pressure release valve, gas storage tank and solenoid valve. The air compressor is the most important part in pneumatic system. First step to check faults of pneumatic system is always to check air compressor whose common faults is the damage of check valve. So how to detect the situation of check valve?
1. Check the air outlet which should stops about ten seconds after air compressor is shut off. If not, the check valve is inferred to be briken.
2. Rotate the large belt wheel with hands about ten seconds after air compressor is off. If the check valve is normal, you can rotate the wheel for a circle easily, otherwise you can't.
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