How much does it cost to buy JS500 electric concrete mixer

2017-03-06 15:54

    JS500 electric concrete mixer is very welcome in the construction industry , because that it has Low-input but high returns, High efficiency and low energy consumption, so , it has been a lot inquiries of JS500 electric concrete mixer, mainly about the price and equipment parameters, I will give you a detailed analysis in this article.

    No matter which kind of machinery, the price is always the focus of clients’ attention, but the price is determined by the value of the machinery, which is also a common principle in any product, JS500 electric concrete mixer is no exception.

JS500 electric concrete mixer

    This machine is composed of a mixing drum, a feeding device, discharge device, a water supply device, and other parts and accessories of different manufacturers selection of quality brand can not be exactly the same, so for the same type of JS500 electric concrete mixer, the market price is also different.

    The customer should select some strength and experience large manufacturers to buy this equipment, because of the large manufacturers could provide a cost-effective configuration according to the customer’s project, and then list the detailed quotation price sheet, but also to the factory to visit, to inspect the JS500 forced mixer every zero parts quality, to buy the rest assured, comfortable use!

    Addition:Jianxin JS500 Concrete Mixer parameters:

JS500 electric concrete mixer parament