Characteristics of the high quality JS500 Concrete Mixer

2017-03-20 15:41

    JS500 concrete mixer is double-axle forced type concrete mixer that can mix dry, plasticity and fluidity, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar. So how much is the quality of JS500 Concrete Mixer? What are the characteristics?
JS500 concrete mixer’s price

JS500 Concrete Mixer

    The better the quality, the price will be higher. So consumers in the purchase of JS500 concrete mixer, should not just pay attention to the low price of equipment, quality is to ensure that the JS500 concrete mixer is a prerequisite for good operation.
    the features of JS500 concrete mixer
    The 1 main mixing twin shaft mixer, liner and blades are made of high hardness and high wear resistant chromium material;

JS500 Concrete Mixer

    The 2 shaft end seal adopts automatic sealing and lubrication system, which can effectively prevent the invasion of mortar, and use the minimum amount of oil;
    3 reducer using foreign standard technology production, compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, high mixing quality;

JS500 Concrete Mixer

    4 the mixing arm and blade are spiral design. The mixing is fast and uniform, and the mixing time is short;
    5 the mixer body and the frame are fixed, the stirring shaft is no longer subjected to the pressure of the material and the weight of the tank body, thereby prolonging the service life of the stirring shaft.