Application and features of cement silo

2017-08-23 16:06

Description of  product

Cement bin (cement tank) is commonly used in bulk cement storage station of mixing concrete, bulk cement silo is stored bulk materials in a closed tank for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials. There is level system on the tank, and the material can be measured its quality and displayed the location. Holes device can make the material flow enenly and avoid pressing a long time. Combined silo and Screw pump can delivery materials to the location of each cement silo and spiral pump. The tank has the advantages of convenient installation, and it is safe, reliable and ideal mixing station in bulk storage tanks.




1. Cement bin (cement tank): Waterproof, moistureproof, preventing the loss of cement, reducing the city air pollution, small occupied area, long service life, low cost;
2. Cement bin (cement tank) is commonly used as a concrete mixing plant (floor) matching products.
3. Cement silo’s (tank) specification are 30t-500t.
4. Cement bin (cement tank) is generally cylindrical support structure, and the upper part have a dust removing device that prevent dust leakage. The lower part arrange the arch breaking device to prevent dust caking and make the powder discharge smoothly.
5. Cement bin (cement tank) is generally used for conveying bulk cement car that will blow powder into silo. Cement bin (cement tank) is a cylindrical structure where the bottom is composed of four circular tube leg supporting the bin body and the top is provided with a dust catcher and pressure safety valve.