The investment prospect of commercial mixing station in 2017

2017-08-23 11:57

What’s prospects to invest in building large-scale commercial concrete mixing station in 2017? This problem cannot be answered, because the commercial concrete mixing station supply concrete geographical scope is limited. How to establish commercial concrete station and which area is suitable to build is to see whether there are prospects. The primary election is area, including the area of the current and future existence of huge concrete demand, market competition, whether source of the raw material is convenient and low cost. China has a vast territory, and the level of development is different. As for the concrete industry, southwest recently intensified development still has broad prospects.

The establishment of commercial concrete mixing station, equipment is one of the most necessary investments, and good station equipment can play a huge role in the concrete mixing station. Excellent high production equipment with good efficiency, stable operation, high degree of automation and environmental protection dust prevention engineering. Zhengzhou construction machinery new container type HZS180 concrete mixing station is environmental protection and production efficiency device. This machine uses the JS3000 host, and the main steel structure outside is closed, also including 4800 four warehouse batching machines, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, weighing four, cement silo, master control room, dust collection and centralized control system.