How to select dry mortar mixing equipment

2017-08-18 14:12

1.In the selection of dry mortar equipment, customers should choose the most suitable equipment according to their actual needs, and especially the mixing machine selection is more cautious. Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd builds a new machinery for the production of dry mortar mixing machine equipment to avoid mixing unevenly, just discharging parts, cleaning up inconvenient, and the high requirements selection criteria of the materials and purchased parts are to ensure the smooth operation of the whole device.


2.According to the different customer site, our equipment focus on different structures of dry mortar equipment for low buildings and high buildings or their steel tower to design different dry mortar equipment production line for customers in order to ensure that the different material level perfect controlling packing precision. The equipment’s structure shape is flexible for different customers the terrain adaptability, and it can expand the modular structure. 
3.Dry mixed mortar equipment application avoids the defects of manual configuration and ensure the quality of construction, so the dry mortar equipment in the market get more popular. As the dry mixed mortar production line manufacturers, we are committed to the development of technological innovation in manufacturing.

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