How to find and settle concrete mixing plant fault (I)

2017-08-18 12:01

6 common faults and treatment methods of concrete mixing plant

In the process of using, because of ageing, worn and impact on the environment, concrete mixing plant usually has 6 types of error. Please see below.


1, Weighing cement is not accurate

The fault can be displayed as adding weights to indicate the correct value. After unloading, the number does not return to zero. After resetting, the weight is changed, but the sensor resistance value is in the normal range, and the meter is no problem.
The possible reasons: transport with fixed scale frame angle undischarged; pressure head and the pressure plate at the hairpin; the scale body and external interference; 3 sensor types do not match; weighing material partial load.
 Treatment of concrete mixing station fault is: if the transport with fixed scale frame angle is not removed, it should be promptly removed; if the pressure head or pressure plate interference, it should be promptly dealt with and make it smooth without resistance; if the scale body and external interference, it should be timely isolation; if the 3 sensor types do not match, it should be replaced the proper type of sensor; if the material load, it should be adjusted.

2, Hopper gate is difficult to open without aggregate

The phenomenon is that the motion of the cylinder is slow and weak, but checking the discharge door mechanical parts without friction, hysteresis phenomenon card and and the electromagnetic valve, as well as cylinder is no leakage.
The reasons may be: the gas path is not smooth, such as the gas source at the triple gas water separator filter is too dirty, and causing the gas path is not smooth, so that the gas flow rate per unit time is reduced and resulting in slow moving cylinder. The muffler is too dirty, then in the motion of the cylinder, the rod cavity and a non rod cavity pressure difference becomes small, causing the cylinder moves slowly.
Treatment of concrete mixing station fault is: if the gas path is not smooth, it should be timely cleaned or replacement of the filter element; if the muffler is too dirty, it should be clean the muffler in a timely manner

3, The discharge port is not discharging

The fault is that in the contractor, the motor rotates clockwise and composite screw conveyor outlet does not discharge for a long time, the air switch will trip. When the air switch is closed, the start motor is still tripped, but observing the powder without freezing phenomenon.
The reasons may be: tools for the inversion; the air switch is damaged; machine tool motor wiring may have a bad contact.
Treatment of concrete mixing station fault is: if the machine tool reverse, it should be changed the position of motor wiring with any 2 bit; if the air switch is damaged, it should be replaced; if the master motor wiring one phase is bad, it should be checked.