China concrete mixer manufacturer with 2017 new type

2017-08-28 15:53


Concrete mixer is the machine that mix cement, aggregate and water into concrete mixture. The machine consists of mixing cylinder, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, the original motivation, drive mechanism, a frame and supporting device. According to the working properties of batch (batch) and continuous; stirring principle of self setting type and forced; installation ways of fixed and mobile; discharging ways of tilting type and non tilting type; the forms of the structure of the drum type pear, drum type, double cone disc, vertical and horizontal shaft type circular groove. 
Jianxin construction Co., Ltd is an experienced one to produce and process concrete mixer. There are self loading concrete mixer, stationary concrete mixer, mobile concrete mixer, concrete drum mixer, diesel concrete mixer, planetary concrete mixer, small concrete mixer and mini concrete mixer. 

Mixer function

1.To make the composition homogeneous on both macroscopic and microscopic levels.
2.To destroy the agglomeration of cement particles and promote the development of dispersion.
3.To destroy the initial hydrate film wrapping layer of cement particles.
4.To promote collision between particles, friction, dust and film to reduce the impact.
5.To increase the frequency of the movement of each element in the mixture and the crossover frequency of the trajectory, and accelerate the homogenization.

Mixing quality

In order to ensure the quality of concrete mixing, mixing evenly, short stirring time, fast discharge, low residual, low energy consumption and less pollution, we bad better know the affecting factors. The main factors affecting the mixing quality of the concrete mixer is: the structure of the mixer, the mixer feeding capacity and the ratio of the mixing cylinder volume, mixture feeding program and the feeding position, geometry configuration and arrangement of the stirring blades, stirring speed and blade liner wear condition.