Pre-sales to provide users with project design, process design; The user's device of choose and buy scheme; Provide high quality products; Patience and thoughtful user training; Timely and effective maintenance and on behalf of the user test solving the processing problems, etc.

Professional customer service team, for you to solve all problemsZhengzhou new unique customer service system, will bring you of high quality, good service. You can easily get in touch with us, through various channels, after the customer service center will record your detailed requirements, we will arrange professional staff in ten minutes to serve for you all the way, from the beginning that you can enjoy fast and high quality service.
Airport and station reception at any time The professional team of luxurious commercial vehicles ready for the customer, let customers don't have to worry to worry about the trip to visit the equipment and the use of the scene, let you and our cooperation more smoothly.
Enterprises to visit, production workshop and the actual use of project Sales manager will lead the customers to visit the production site of the equipment, as well as the actual production line project of production equipment, make customers more intuitive to the enterprise to make recognition, let the customer in the true sense realize rest assured to buy our products.
Agree, sign contract equipment ordersFirst-class quality from the first-class enterprise management, after watching the customer to enterprise's overall image, production capacity and after-sales service team to get the recognition, and its successful secretary, conclude a contract for the production orders.
Professional equipment transportation team, make customers more rest assured After more than 30 years of development, the enterprise has a large number of professional equipment transportation team, is the so-called time is money who are to ensure that the equipment can keep on schedule to arrive at the customer.